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The American Express Business Travel Account (BTA) is a virtual corporate card that is lodged with your company's Travel Management Company and serviced by American Express. It offers companies an easier, more transparent, more efficient means of controlling the administration of their travel costs.

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  • Business Travel Accounts

    Business Travel Account solutions:

    Increased visibility and complete control.

    With the Business Travel Account (BTA), or the co-branded British Airways American Express BTA, you can charge your company's business travel expenses to a single, central account. Invoices are consolidated into one clear monthly statement, eliminating the need for multiple complex expense claims. There is also 24 hour access to information via our online management tool @ Work.

    Drive savings

    • Improve cash flow with up to 55 days interest free extended credit
    • Robust and flexible information about your company travel expenditure can help drive negotiations with key suppliers
    • Streamline monthly statements with a single simplified reconciliation
    • British Airways BTA: stretch your company travel budget further with 50% more On Business® Points when booking British Airways flights

    Maximise Control

    • Consolidate your company's travel expenses easily and conveniently on the BTA
    • Automate processing, allocation and payment of expenses with optional electronic data files

    Benefit employees

    • Simplify expense claims for your company's business travellers
    • Complimentary business travel accident, baggage and possessions insurance cover1
    • No need to carry a plastic card

    Global Management

    • The American Express BTA is a global product offering1
    • 24 hour customer service support available online and by phone

    1 Local restrictions may apply.

    • Virtual card payment product designed to consolidate pre-trip travel expenses
    • Enables your company to charge all their air, rail and travel supplier transactions to a single centrally billed and settled company account
    • Streamlines reconciliation and payment by providing one electronic monthly statement for total spend, rather than individual invoices per trip
    • Offers 24/7 access to statements and robust, detailed management information with our online programme management tool – American Express @ Work
    • Flexible billing options – weekly, bi-weekly or monthly – according to whichever suits your company reconciliation and payment processes
    • Can use multiple references to enhance the reconciliation of multiple transactions
    • Process improvements support the approvals process and enable easier allocation of costs to the appropriate cost centre / department
    • Enables enforcement of your company travel policies via the Travel Agent
    • Drives savings with key suppliers using American Express Management Information reporting
    • Enjoy exclusive Travel Cover with access to Travel Accident, Baggage and Personal Possessions Insurance1
    • Supports employees who do not have a Corporate Card
    • The Business Travel Account works with select Travel Management Companies (TMC). Contact American Express to find out if your TMC works with the Business Travel Account, and for a list of TMCs that are enabled
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